Tom & Mia’s Legacy – How you can help

How you can help

Hi, we need your help!

As a backpacker, the lifestyle can be very exciting, thrilling and adventurous. However, as with all good times there can also be occasions in which you feel uneasy, afraid and trapped. We are supporting Rosie & Nick to reach out to all backpackers to help simply by telling your story.

This is Rosie & Nicks Story

We’re currently campaigning to make the 88 days safer and fairer for 417 and 462 visa holders, and one of the things we’re doing is building a TripAdvisor style website including as many providers as possible so that people know where they’re going and what to expect by way of accommodation, working life and local facilities.

This is a completely confidential process and your details WILL NOT be shared with ANYONE. The website was the idea of my daughter who died at Home Hill Hostel in August, so it is being built in her memory, and in the memory of the brave man, Tom Jackson, who tried to save her life.

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Please help us in this project by filling in this questionnaire! We want to know about good AND bad experiences, everything is of interest, and you can fill it in as many times as you want about all the different places you’ve visited during the 88 days. As an incentive, five randomly chosen forms will get cash payouts of $50, $20 and 3 times $10 respectively, to be paid out within three months of this post! (please add your email at end of form to participate).

To complete the Questionnaire, please click below.

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