Podcasts: A Backpacker’s Best Friend

It might not sound like a big deal but if someone were to ask me just one tip for travelling Australia or anywhere for that matter. My answer would most definitely be, “GET INTO PODCASTS”. These little bits of audio have played a huge part in my travels. To be honest, I listened to Podcasts regularly back home but out here, in Australia, I’ve listened to them almost daily. They have replaced the time I spent in front of the TV. Now, I didn’t watch a lot of TV back home, but a casual true crime documentary and weekly Game Of Thrones was a must. I’m also not ashamed to say that I loved “Everybody Loves Raymond” in the morning with my coffee.

If you haven’t listened to a Podcast or know what one is, here is a quick lesson. A Podcast is an audio file available to download or stream from an internet device, typically a phone or computer. Users can subscribe to automatically get new episodes and updates. They are usually around an hour long and concentrate on a particular topic, although this can differ. The word Podcast was created by mixing the words ‘iPad’ and ‘broadcast’.

To listen to these new age radio shows alls you need is an interview device and an application for playing Podcasts. Popular apps used are ‘iTunes – Podcasts’, ’Stitcher’ or ‘Overcast’ but there is many more. All are programs to subscribe, download and listen to Podcasts.

Podcast genres can range from factual historical stories to comedic ranting, from music playlists to sports reviews and everything in-between. There really is a Podcast about everything. Investigative Journalists and their shows have even been known to be the catalyst for wrongly convicted criminals to be awarded new trials or exonerations. Many now have huge audiences totalling millions that listen every episode.

Podcasts can fill in time like nothing else. A 10-hour drive can be broken up with a few crime tales and days working in the apple orchard seem to fly over listening to my favourite comedians discuss American history. On the bus, doing the dishes, taking a shower, they all can be made into an enjoyable experience using Podcasts.

I personally have a Podcast list of well over 30 shows. I wait eagerly each week to see when certain shows will post a new episode. Here is a list of my top 10 Podcasts I strongly recommend to anyone, not just travellers.

1: The Joe Rogan Experience
Laid back conversations with some very interesting and fully people.

2: Sword and Scale
A disturbing look into some true crime stories

3: The Dollop
Comedians tell a story from American history

4: Start Up
A real look into what it’s like to start a company along with success and failure stories

5: Serial
A series looking in-depth at the case of Adnan Syed

6: My Dad Wrote a Porno
Each week the team read a paragraph from a poorly written porno book authored by one of their dads

7: Crimetown
A look into Providence Islands rocky corruption past with amazing interviews

8: Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder
A lost story told piece by piece involving murder and a cover up

9: Radiolab
A topical show which can really tell a great story

10: Lore
Each week a group of lore stories that will creep you out

Please feel free to comment your favourite Podcasts.

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