We have a simple objective at The Real Backpacker, and that’s to make travelling easier, cheaper and safer for everyone. We were wrong to think backpacking is all skydives, parties and beaches. There are bits in-between that can be tricky, such as choosing hostel accommodation, finding farm work or buying a car. The Real Backpacker began when a group of us noticed this while farm working, and decided to do something about it.

We aim to deliver a space where you can find out all the information that we struggled with while backpacking. Not only that but help you choose where to spend your money after reading real reviews from real backpackers. This information is, without a doubt, the most valuable available. We realised this and started The Real Backpacker website built around this information.

We aim to complete our mission to help backpackers by creating a useful website and thriving community. So please contact us for any more information or suggestions and most of all join us.


The Real Backpacker Team